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    Hull, Yorkshire


    Tree: BROOKS Family History

    Latitude: 53.7457417, Longitude: -0.3469639


    Matches 1 to 43 of 43

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 ARNETT, Selina  CA 1886Hull, Yorkshire I13838
    2 BEER, Annie Eliza  Abt 1879Hull, Yorkshire I3419
    3 BROOKS, Agnes  CA 1897Hull, Yorkshire I4585
    4 BROOKS, Albert Hill  CA 1887Hull, Yorkshire I4583
    5 BROOKS, Alfred  CA 1849Hull, Yorkshire I4540
    6 BROOKS, Ann Smith  CA 1846Hull, Yorkshire I4542
    7 BROOKS, Cora  CA 1890Hull, Yorkshire I4584
    8 BROOKS, Eliza Jane  CA 1845Hull, Yorkshire I4539
    9 BROOKS, Harold  CA 1906Hull, Yorkshire I4588
    10 BROOKS, James A  CA 1907Hull, Yorkshire I5292
    11 BROOKS, John  CA 1794Hull, Yorkshire I6256
    12 BROOKS, Rhoda  CA 1810Hull, Yorkshire I7762
    13 BROOKS, Stanley  CA 1910Hull, Yorkshire I5293
    14 BROOKS, Thomas Wilfred  CA 1884Hull, Yorkshire I4582
    15 BROOKS, William Ernest  CA 1905Hull, Yorkshire I5291
    16 CAWTHERA, Elizabeth  CA 1897Hull, Yorkshire I11422
    17 CAWTHERA, Harriet  CA 1900Hull, Yorkshire I11414
    18 CAWTHERA, Sarah  CA 1894Hull, Yorkshire I11425
    19 FAIRBANK, George  CA 1872Hull, Yorkshire I17097
    20 GOODING, Edith Mary  CA 1880Hull, Yorkshire I17091
    21 HALDANE, Christopher  Abt 1875Hull, Yorkshire I17054
    22 HALDANE, Ethel G  Abt 1877Hull, Yorkshire I17055
    23 HALDANE, Mary A M  Abt 1874Hull, Yorkshire I17053
    24 HALDANE, Samuel  Abt 1879Hull, Yorkshire I17056
    25 HALDANE, Thomas Leeming  Abt 1870Hull, Yorkshire I17052
    26 LEAMING, Sarah Jane  CA 1880Hull, Yorkshire I4586
    27 LEEMING, Arthur  CA 1894Hull, Yorkshire I17090
    28 LEEMING, Arthur  15 Dec 1901Hull, Yorkshire I17116
    29 LEEMING, Doris  CA 1900Hull, Yorkshire I17092
    30 LEEMING, Grace  CA 1907Hull, Yorkshire I17094
    31 LEEMING, Henry  CA 1891Hull, Yorkshire I17089
    32 LEEMING, Hilda May  CA 1904Hull, Yorkshire I17093
    33 LOCKWOOD, Abraham  CA 1881Hull, Yorkshire I16534
    34 LOCKWOOD, Charles Ernest  CA 1888Hull, Yorkshire I16529
    35 LOCKWOOD, George  CA 1878Hull, Yorkshire I16522
    36 LOCKWOOD, Lily  CA 1890Hull, Yorkshire I16533
    37 LOCKWOOD, Mark  CA 1890Hull, Yorkshire I16530
    38 LOCKWOOD, Robert  CA 1884Hull, Yorkshire I16531
    39 PINN, Mary Eliza  Abt 1861Hull, Yorkshire I3418
    40 PRIESTLEY, Sarah E  CA 1884Hull, Yorkshire I5290
    41 PRIESTMAN, Edgar Noel  Abt 1895Hull, Yorkshire I17010
    42 PRIESTMAN, Geofrey  Abt 1890Hull, Yorkshire I17009
    43 WEATHERHEAD, Bertha Rubie  CA 1907Hull, Yorkshire I13839


    Matches 1 to 2 of 2

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 HALDANE, Samuel Leeming  Abt 1910Hull, Yorkshire I17028
    2 LEEMING, Arthur  20 Dec 1901Hull, Yorkshire I17116


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 BEER / PINN  Abt 1878Hull, Yorkshire F1003