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    Ohio, USA [OH]



    Matches 1 to 50 of 53

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Alma  CA 1876Ohio, USA [OH] I14176
    2 Elizabeth A  CA 1815Ohio, USA [OH] I15539
    3 Mary  CA 1909Ohio, USA [OH] I15584
    4 ABER, Emma  CA 1896Ohio, USA [OH] I11159
    5 ARNOLD, Phebe A  CA 1841Ohio, USA [OH] I6861
    6 ART, Bernard  CA 1884Ohio, USA [OH] I15566
    7 BROOKS, Achsah E  CA 1837Ohio, USA [OH] I11377
    8 BROOKS, Alma K  CA 1912Ohio, USA [OH] I15553
    9 BROOKS, Almeda E  CA 1879Ohio, USA [OH] I15546
    10 BROOKS, Alonzo Bertie  13 Jul 1875Ohio, USA [OH] I10524
    11 BROOKS, Archy  CA 1859Ohio, USA [OH] I11374
    12 BROOKS, Arthur A  CA 1877Ohio, USA [OH] I15545
    13 BROOKS, Clark R  CA 1894Ohio, USA [OH] I11158
    14 BROOKS, Cloyce Houston  CA 1914Ohio, USA [OH] I15549
    15 BROOKS, Cyrus A  CA 1842Ohio, USA [OH] I10073
    16 BROOKS, Darius  CA 1842Ohio, USA [OH] I11380
    17 BROOKS, David  CA 1836Ohio, USA [OH] I11373
    18 BROOKS, Ebeyn A  CA 1849Ohio, USA [OH] I11379
    19 BROOKS, Edward C  14 Oct 1846Ohio, USA [OH] I10075
    20 BROOKS, Gerald  CA 1930Ohio, USA [OH] I11162
    21 BROOKS, Gerald Isaac  CA 1922Ohio, USA [OH] I10522
    22 BROOKS, Henry F  CA 1850Ohio, USA [OH] I10076
    23 BROOKS, Joseph  CA 1822Ohio, USA [OH] I8726
    24 BROOKS, Julian  CA 1847Ohio, USA [OH] I15542
    25 BROOKS, Leonard Bliss  1 Jan 1844Ohio, USA [OH] I11362
    26 BROOKS, Leonidas Culver  CA 1841Ohio, USA [OH] I15531
    27 BROOKS, Lewis  CA 1803Ohio, USA [OH] I8728
    28 BROOKS, Mary E  CA 1840Ohio, USA [OH] I10072
    29 BROOKS, Mary E  CA 1844Ohio, USA [OH] I15541
    30 BROOKS, Mary Frances  CA 1928Ohio, USA [OH] I11161
    31 BROOKS, Matilda  CA 1838Ohio, USA [OH] I11372
    32 BROOKS, Merrill Culver  CA 1875Ohio, USA [OH] I15536
    33 BROOKS, Ocia L  CA 1911Ohio, USA [OH] I10529
    34 BROOKS, Olivia D  CA 1845Ohio, USA [OH] I10074
    35 BROOKS, Opal Violet  CA 1905Ohio, USA [OH] I10528
    36 BROOKS, Oscar  CA 1888Ohio, USA [OH] I15237
    37 BROOKS, Oscar Lincoln  CA 1913Ohio, USA [OH] I10530
    38 BROOKS, Robert Axley  CA 1873Ohio, USA [OH] I15544
    39 BROOKS, Sylvia  CA 1916Ohio, USA [OH] I10526
    40 BROOKS, Thomas F  CA 1838Ohio, USA [OH] I15540
    41 BROOKS, William A  CA 1920Ohio, USA [OH] I11160
    42 CORBAN, Milla  CA 1835Ohio, USA [OH] I8727
    43 HANSON, Ivy Ellen  CA 1887Ohio, USA [OH] I10525
    44 LOCKWOOD, Alice  CA 1903Ohio, USA [OH] I10667
    45 LOCKWOOD, Elsie  CA 1901Ohio, USA [OH] I10666
    46 LOCKWOOD, Robert K  CA 1908Ohio, USA [OH] I10668
    47 MCARTHUR, Harriet Newell Edmiston  8 Jan 1815Ohio, USA [OH] I4735
    48 NORMAN, Melissa J  12 May 1855Ohio, USA [OH] I16051
    49 PETERSON, Emeline Elizabeth  CA 1829Ohio, USA [OH] I7390
    50 PLUMMER, Fidelia  CA 1817Ohio, USA [OH] I11371

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    Matches 1 to 10 of 10

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 BROOK, Eliza  5 Mar 1913Ohio, USA [OH] I10669
    2 BROOKS, Blanche  CA 1973Ohio, USA [OH] I2594
    3 BROOKS, Charles Elisha  23 Jan 1865Ohio, USA [OH] I11696
    4 BROOKS, James Orlando Sr  CA 1982Ohio, USA [OH] I16923
    5 BROOKS, Leeroy  24 Aug 1931Ohio, USA [OH] I15231
    6 BROOKS, William Lewis  CA 1940Ohio, USA [OH] I15555
    7 LOCKWOOD, Charley  19 Feb 1948Ohio, USA [OH] I10660
    8 LOCKWOOD, David  22 Jan 1905Ohio, USA [OH] I10665
    9 RUTSCHILLING, Mary Agnes  2 Jun 2003Ohio, USA [OH] I14340
    10 WALBURN, Mary  CA 1865Ohio, USA [OH] I8729


    Matches 1 to 2 of 2

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 BROOKS / ARNOLD  10 May 1860Ohio, USA [OH] F2078
    2 BROOKS / HANSON  CA 1900Ohio, USA [OH] F3118