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    Kentucky, USA [KY]



    Latitude: 37.8393332, Longitude: -84.2700179


    Matches 1 to 31 of 31

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 BLEDSOE, May  18 May 1914Kentucky, USA [KY] I13438
    2 BOONE, Mary Ellen  CA 1835Kentucky, USA [KY] I15567
    3 BROOK, Martin P  CA 1819Kentucky, USA [KY] I12087
    4 BROOKS, Angelina  CA 1836Kentucky, USA [KY] I15576
    5 BROOKS, Archibald  CA 1810Kentucky, USA [KY] I4487
    6 BROOKS, Arthur  CA 1879Kentucky, USA [KY] I15563
    7 BROOKS, Benjamin F  CA 1865Kentucky, USA [KY] I15571
    8 BROOKS, Blane [?]  CA 1832Kentucky, USA [KY] I15574
    9 BROOKS, Colby  CA 1806Kentucky, USA [KY] I15581
    10 BROOKS, Cordelia  CA 1834Kentucky, USA [KY] I15575
    11 BROOKS, Daniel  CA 1863Kentucky, USA [KY] I15570
    12 BROOKS, Elby  CA 1883Kentucky, USA [KY] I15562
    13 BROOKS, Emily A  CA 1893Kentucky, USA [KY] I15561
    14 BROOKS, Emma J  CA 1869Kentucky, USA [KY] I11579
    15 BROOKS, Eva  CA 1880Kentucky, USA [KY] I15557
    16 BROOKS, Grace  CA 1906Kentucky, USA [KY] I13218
    17 BROOKS, Gracey  CA 1888Kentucky, USA [KY] I15560
    18 BROOKS, Ira Siddle  1 May 1808Kentucky, USA [KY] I7827
    19 BROOKS, James A  CA 1857Kentucky, USA [KY] I15565
    20 BROOKS, John  CA 1859Kentucky, USA [KY] I15568
    21 BROOKS, Leonard  CA 1831Kentucky, USA [KY] I15564
    22 BROOKS, Louisa E  CA 1861Kentucky, USA [KY] I15569
    23 BROOKS, Luther  CA 1882Kentucky, USA [KY] I15558
    24 BROOKS, Mary J  CA 1884Kentucky, USA [KY] I15559
    25 BROOKS, Paschal  CA 1805Kentucky, USA [KY] I4490
    26 BROOKS, Thomas L  CA 1869Kentucky, USA [KY] I15572
    27 BROOKS, Walter E  CA 1878Kentucky, USA [KY] I15551
    28 BROOKS, William Lewis  CA 1855Kentucky, USA [KY] I15555
    29 HENRY, Margaret  CA 1803Kentucky, USA [KY] I15573
    30 SALSMAN, Mary Jane  CA 1844Kentucky, USA [KY] I4504
    31 SHEPHERD, Martha  CA 1850Kentucky, USA [KY] I15556


    Matches 1 to 3 of 3

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 BARTON, Iris Marie  CA 1999Kentucky, USA [KY] I5088
    2 BROOKS, Harold Kenneth  CA 2006Kentucky, USA [KY] I5087
    3 BROOKS, Solomon D  CA 1907Kentucky, USA [KY] I6670


    Matches 1 to 3 of 3

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 BROOKS / HENRY  24 Aug 1815Kentucky, USA [KY] F4685
    2 BROOKS / REED  CA 1844Kentucky, USA [KY] F4686
    3 BROOKS / SIDDLE  CA 1795Kentucky, USA [KY] F2370